Sunday, June 6, 2010

Note to the President

There's a page on the White House website where you can send notes to Obama.  Here's what I sent:

"Once the Gulf spill is under control, please use this disaster as a means to drive stronger efforts needed to move this country in the proper direction on energy. Americans need to understand we cannot consume oil and also protect our environment. This isn't the first oil spill disaster and - if we continue relying on oil - it won't be the last. The only way to prevent this from ever happening again is to move away from oil.

"This requires more than energy policy. It extends to incentives in city planning and construction that makes part of highway and roadway projects the expansion of other means of transportation, such as trains and even bicycles. It also means improving access to these modes of transportation. For example, expanded train service is great, but if there are two year waiting lists for the parking at the train stations then people can't use it. This doesn't have to happen overnight (and it can't), but we aren't doing enough to take even the small steps that will lead to better energy policy in the future.

"Another needed approach is to punish those who actively avoid intelligent fuel decisions (e.g., SUV owners). Let's push for a tax on these vehicles (like the 'sin tax' on cigarettes and alcohol) that will ensure there are funds for the future clean-ups that will be needed. Perhaps an SUV tax added to their car payments, or a surcharge added to their insurance, or a higher toll for SUVs on the highways that means they have to go in the manual lanes? Whatever the case, people who flagrantly waste oil should be required to bear extra burdens versus those of us who make more intelligent transportation choices."
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