Friday, December 3, 2010

Civil Unions in Illinois!

After almost 15 years of commitment - longer than most straight marriages last - Jim and I are on the verge of finally be able to obtain some (though not all) of the rights a couple of 19-year-old heteros can get by getting stoopid drunk at a club and then wandering into a chapel on the Vegas Strip. Thanks to Representative Greg Harris (pictured) who co-sponsored the bill and to all the people who made it's passage possible!

Personally, I don't think many of the straight people who are against gay marriage really and truly understand what it means to be in a serious, long-term, committed relationship and yet be denied the rights straight people enjoy in their relationships. If they really understood what it means to have to face that, I think many of them would be unable to oppose gay marriage any longer.

Here's what Chicago's Mayor Daley had to say: "[E]ventually, [gay] marriage will take place. It has to. . ." Daley said. "These are great citizens. They're a tremendous resource for us in our great city. I'm very proud of the relationship that I had with them over many years. And it's really important for us to move forward. These are people [who] have families. These are people [who] work in every sector of our society. They should not be discriminated against in any way whatsoever."

Yeah! What he said.

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