Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mini-Rant: Wisconsin

The masks have come off and we're getting an unadulterated view of the Obama Era Republican Party. It's a view stripped of cutesy Sarah Palin soundbytes, unadulterated by alluringly simplistic patriotism, and free of the fog of Fox News propaganda.

Having briefly worked in a UAW shop, I've seen the negative impact unions can have when they are out of control. As a result, I'm middle-right in my attitudes about their value to our economy. If Walker and his policies are repulsive to people like me, he is in major trouble.

I'm very heartened to see that Americans are still able to kick ass, and I'm waiting for the recalls to begin.  I hope this marks the beginning of the end for the radical right, and that the real Republican Party can emerge from the wreckage of anti-intellectualism and fear-mongering Bush Republicans have been using to senselessly polarize this country for a decade.

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Anonymous said...

Just a week or so before the Wi thing started I was thinking about the role of unions. If you remember my run in with the unions goons when I was working security? We were union and getting bent over the barrel on union wages without any real benefit. I sent them a not so flattering letter with caricatures of the union bosses. They demanded a meeting with me.

Ever since then I've been staunchly anti-union. In the private sector I viewed the employer-employee relationship as one that was a completely private arrangement between the parties. I don't see why government should have any hand in a private relationship.

However, when it comes to public employees I was just thinking how unions would be absolutely necessary. How fairly can an individual be guaranteed rights, fair pay, benefits and not have their living subject to the whim of politics. Individuals vs. government usually results in individuals getting the worse of it.