Monday, November 19, 2012

Election 2012

It's over!

Despite all the drama, what I will remember most about this election were the lines of people waiting to vote in states like Ohio and, especially, Florida. People waiting in line for as much as seven hours to exercise their right as citizens in a democracy. Too often we see evidence of people - most often, unfortunately, politicians - abusing or undermining our system of government. It's images like this that helps me believe maybe things aren't totally going to hell in a hand basket.

I suppose cynics will say that it really doesn't matter who you vote for in elections in terms of who's 'running things' in this country, but I disagree. Not only did people step up the plate when it would have been a lot easier to go home and watch Glee on TiVo, but we also found that money may but a lot in America but it can't guarantee you an election win. There were so many races where candidates were outspent by out of state donors by obscene ratios. And yet in so many of those races, the big money lost. That says something to me.

Not saying I support all the underdog candidates who won, but it's good to know people are making choices and an effort to take part in the process. As long as that's happening, I say: "Way to go, USA!"

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