Monday, October 6, 2014

Acoustic Guitar Journal #4: C/G Songs

Two of the songs by other people that I picked to learn first - "Wildflowers" by Dolly Parton and "Stolen Car" by Bruce Springsteen - use only or predominantly two chords: C and G. In exploring guitar tabs for other songs I like, I find that song after song after song is just those two chords (or maybe those two with one other thrown in). I started calling them "C/G songs".

It's amazing how songs that I think sound totally different from one another are all essentially those two chords and nothing else. A couple weeks ago, I had a list of songs to check out for guitar tabs and I found that two of them - one I can't remember and "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" by Linda Ronstadt - were C/G songs. I couldn't believe it!

So then I said to myself, "Well, if everyone else can write a C/G song, then so can I!" I went into my journals that I've been keeping since I was thirteen and picked a poem I had had my eye on as a potential lyric and got started. I sat down and within ten minutes I'd worked out the rhythm and had the song. Then I had to work out a chorus, which took another ten minutes. Twenty minutes later, I had my very own C/G song called "Free Spirit" (I have posted this poem to Zen Thrown Down already).

I cheated, because I added extra chords. Ended up with a D and A in the verses, and then an E in the chorus I added to the posted poem. So I guess, technically, this is not a C/G song. I'll have to try again.


Danny Japan said...

Whenever Gutei Osho was asked about guitars, he simply played C/G !

Pete said...

LOL! Clever joke!