Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zen Throw Down

Yesterday I was alley air,
but today I'm an express bus.

In a world of gutter messiahs
and take-me-to-your-leader drug dealers,
you gotta create your own stride.
Realign your soul
so your manifesto flows
like an open fire hydrant
to a hip hop sound surround soundtrack.

Streetwise and spaced-out
is what I'm all about,
and I nuke all substitutes
cuz ya gotta be a brute
to find serenity.
So I'm a soul that throws down,
like Leroy Brown
I'm the baddest ass in this muthafuckin' town.

Now, let me show you how
to come correct to a Zen Throw Down:
you need the inner peace
of a shaman from the concrete
if you wanna create a collage of life
where each day is a feather
in the wings of an angel
seeking beatitude.

Seeker, you better recognize.

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