Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lisa Lampanelli

The other night me and Jim went to see Lisa Lampanelli, the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Mean'! Her entire act is around insults and racist/homophobic/etc. comments. It sounds really negative, but it's amazing how refreshing it is to see these stereotypes played with by someone who clearly is just doing it to give her audience a bit of a jolt. There were a few jokes she made that, as I was laughing, part of me was thinking "No! You can't laugh at this! It's just wrong!"

Bottom line she was very funny, and everyone knew it as all in fun. I think part of the reason the audience enjoys it so much is because there are so very few truly taboo subjects any longer. Hate speech and racism are definitely one though, but it's something no one talks about. To have those kinds of jokes thrown in your face is funny but also kind of freeing. In a way, by laughing at it we're affirming that it is a joke. Don't know if that makes any sense, and I know I'm reading way more into her act that she intends to put there. She's really just a 21st Century Don Rickles.

We had a great night, and we love us our Lisa. Even though she doesn't like to touch the fags because then you can get the AIDS. (Her words, not mine!).

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's My Birthday!

At least it was the other day, and my team at work decorated my cube in a Willy Wonka theme. Chocolate kisses and lollipops everywhere. Here's two of the pictures they photoshopped with my face and hung around the office with different quotes from the movies. It was very sweet,and very funny!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goals - 1 month review

I've revised my goals a little (added a few things). Revised list is below, with my paltry January efforts in red.

1) Athletics/Wellness
- Go to Hapikdo 12 times a month. - I went 6 times in January.
- Lift weights 8 times a month. - Lifted 4 times in January.
- Get a massage once a month.
- Try one of the following: kayaking, boating, archery, camping

2) Life Experiences - Saw Pierre Boulez conduct the CSO through Ravel's Le Tombeau De Couperin. Main floor seats!

3) Financial
- Create a budget
- Quarterly additions to investments - Researched energy technology stocks to get ideas for investing.

4) Non-work career (Exploring 'careers' other than the one I have) - I bought a few books on ceramics, both history and how to handle clay. I'd like to read up on ceramics with the idea of maybe taking a class. The local community college offers classes, but you have to take drawing too. Hmmmm.

5) Activism
- Write at least one letter for Amnesty International each month.

6) Art - Engage in a creative project once a month.

7) Zen - Meditate at least once a week

8) Reading - Always be working through at least one book. Read Moby Dick. Read 'No Exit' again, and am now reading Emma again (after seeing the all-new, and not so good, new version on Masterpiece Classics).

9) Writing - 7 blog entries in January.

Not a stellar beginning by any means, but it is a beginning!