Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goals - 1 month review

I've revised my goals a little (added a few things). Revised list is below, with my paltry January efforts in red.

1) Athletics/Wellness
- Go to Hapikdo 12 times a month. - I went 6 times in January.
- Lift weights 8 times a month. - Lifted 4 times in January.
- Get a massage once a month.
- Try one of the following: kayaking, boating, archery, camping

2) Life Experiences - Saw Pierre Boulez conduct the CSO through Ravel's Le Tombeau De Couperin. Main floor seats!

3) Financial
- Create a budget
- Quarterly additions to investments - Researched energy technology stocks to get ideas for investing.

4) Non-work career (Exploring 'careers' other than the one I have) - I bought a few books on ceramics, both history and how to handle clay. I'd like to read up on ceramics with the idea of maybe taking a class. The local community college offers classes, but you have to take drawing too. Hmmmm.

5) Activism
- Write at least one letter for Amnesty International each month.

6) Art - Engage in a creative project once a month.

7) Zen - Meditate at least once a week

8) Reading - Always be working through at least one book. Read Moby Dick. Read 'No Exit' again, and am now reading Emma again (after seeing the all-new, and not so good, new version on Masterpiece Classics).

9) Writing - 7 blog entries in January.

Not a stellar beginning by any means, but it is a beginning!

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