Sunday, August 19, 2012

Speeding Towards 400

Yesterday, Jim and I did a 25-mile loop on Saturday, starting in downtown Wheaton (see map). We took the Illinois Prairie Path east through Glen Ellyn. Lombard, and downtown Villa Park to the junction with the Great Western Trail. This junction is well-marked, although there is a detour right now in the course of the GWT that forces you through an annoying intersection or two.

The Great Western Trail isn't as well-travelled as the IPP is between Wheaton and Villa Park. The solitude and quiet is a plus, but the reason the trail is not used as much is that for a good stretch, roughly between Lombard and Wheaton, it's not all that pretty. Not ugly by any means...just kind of okay.

As we got closer to the junction with the IPP Elgin Spur (by County Farm Road), natural beauty made a come back. I bet the GWT in Wheaton is beautiful during the fall. Then we rode the Elgin Spur south back into Wheaton. Overall, a good ride!

Today we did another 17 miles here in Naperville. That gave us a weekend total of 42 miles, bringing the season total up to 370 miles. Within spitting distance of 400! Looks like this is going to be a good season - in terms of mileage - after all.

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