Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jim's Garden

While I'm on the subject of nature, one of the best things about spring, summer, and early fall is being able to enjoy Jim's garden. (By the way, I know all the pictures here are small but you can click on them to make them bigger). We have a fairly large lot and, over the years, Jim has gradually reduced the size of the yard by planting, extending, and connecting gardens. There are all sorts of flowers, climbing vines, grasses, bushes, and even trees and we often just walk around to see what new is happening or blooming. And sometimes we can munch on raspberries or strawberries right off the bush. There's a kiwi vine, but nothing to pollinate it so no kiwis.

I've gotten in the habit of sitting outside to read. It's very quiet and, after I've read for a while, I can sit back and watch all the animals running around, birds come by for the feed and bird baths, etc.  We've seen some real sights over the years.  Once a hawk fly by with a dead squirrel in its claws. And we've seen hummingbirds (not too rare but rare enough to create excitement), strange bugs, and of course rodents of all kinds running around.

Some of the rodents are our sworn enemies (rabbits), others are cute but starting to become pests (chipmunks), and others don't create issues (squirrels and mice).  Once we even had a giant praying mantis (6 inches long) living in the vines on the trellis! And of course there was the deer that ran through the yard, and Jim once saw a coyote. Most of all though, I like the quiet and being able to just sit back and listen to the breeze. Before very long, I forget about everything that might be troubling me and I can often get into a state of samadhi while sitting out there. Sometimes, of course, I just nap. I keep hinting about a hammock, but Jim says I'll never use it because of the bugs. Plus it would probably be a total eyesore in the middle of all this!

Jim's the architect of it all. I can't make mold grow.  Our neighbor gave me a plant to tend once, and I did. But it died in a week. No green thumb here. So I'm very lucky to get to enjoy all this without having to do any gardening, which I have to admit has never held much attraction for me.

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