Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Droid X

Jim and I definitely geeked out on our phones during our trip to Mineral Point. We used the GPS to navigate, the camera to take all our pics, and the Google Sky Map app to identify the stars in the sky. At night before bed, we downloaded free apps that didn't seem to want too much information.

On our recent bike ride, Jim wanted to take some pictures of the silver maples we pass at one point, as well as the 'cathedral'. The cathedral (not sure if I've mentioned it or not), is a part of the path where the trees interlock above in a consistent way to form a high tunnel that looks like the inside of a cathedral. I think of it as a transcendentalist or pagan cathedral. Anyway, his phone allowed him to act on the impulse. "These phones are so worth it," he said after he put it away. We're quite pleased with how useful they are.

Unfortunately, I have yet to take time to figure out how to download pics to my laptop. None of the cords I put in my desk seem to fit. So my Mineral Point posts will be a bit delayed.

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