Sunday, August 15, 2010

Upcoming travels

A couple we know (Daniel and Alan) have invited us up to Mineral Point, Wisconsin where they have a vacation house. The town has a website billing itself as 'reminiscent of a rural English village', and it does looks very picturesque!  We've never been there before, but it sounds like there are a lot of 'our people' there as well as lots of artists and artisans who have shops there. I'd like to spend some time chatting with some of them to see how they got started with an enterprise like that. It seems like a really big undertaking, however I've thought about it as a second career after the house is paid off.  Of course, I'd have to get back in the saddle with drawing or painting or learn to do ceramics (and be good at it!) first.

We're also going down to Panama City Beach to visit my parents for a few days. They rent a condo down there almost every year, so we'll be able to beach and snorkel...and go deep sea fishing! Been a long time since I did that, and Jim has agreed to give it a try. Last time, I caught six or seven fish and was a sweaty, fishy mess when it was over. My mom took a pic but then leaned over the side the boat and promptly dropped the camera into the water. This time I hope we'll have the same luck with the fishing and much better luck with the pics.

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