Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farewell To Summer...

...not that summer was all that wonderful this year! We really didn't get a chance to bike too much because of the scorching heat and then, as soon as the heat abated, there was rain, more rain, and then clouds of mosquitoes. We weren't able to have the windows open nearly as much as we would have liked. Actually had to use the AC a lot....ick!

There was a short period with some nice weather again, and I was sitting outside reading when I saw this huge butterfly over by Jim's zinnias.  Was able to take a bunch of pics, but I think this one is the most impressive. It's a larger picture, so click to see more detail of this amazing little critter.

While we're sure to have some warm weather again before it's all over (and then there is Indian Summer). It's pretty clear to me that fall is here and that summer is over. Oh well, I love fall...and partially because it means fall clothes!

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