Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Panama City Beach

Jim and I got back a while ago from visiting my parents in Panama City Beach, where they usually rent a condo for about a month each year. Happy to say that the water and the beaches were absolutely pristine! No tarballs that we could see.  Of course, some of the 'tarballs' that are sometimes shown by the media are really just dead sea slugs. Definitely disgusting but not the fault of BP. Still, the place was a bit deserted as you can see from this picture taken from the balcony of the condo. Beautiful beaches and not a lot of people...a perfect combination. (Click the pic for a bigger view).

We went deep sea fishing but, this time, Poseidon wasn't with me. I caught one fish, a sea bass that wasn't large enough to bother carting off to be cleaned. Actually none of us really did that well. However, I honestly can say that I enjoyed the fishing regardless of the catch (or lack thereof). It's just great being on the water. I think it would be worth it to pay extra and have fewer people on the boat so that things could be even more laid back. So strange, because I never thought I'd have the patience for fishing.

Only bad thing was that, on the flight home, we descended into Chicago rather quickly and I was suddenly struck by a sharp pain behind my brow. It literally felt like capillaries in my forehead were bursting, and it hurt bad enough for  me to lean forward and grunt. Jim was a bit worried, and the flight attendant was virtually useless. Jim asked for an icebag, and that did the trick. Best of all it reassured me I wasn't having anything serious happen. Turned out to be a sinus infection, and I've been on antibiotics to kill it ever since.

Lesson: Don't ever get seriously ill on a plane. When I looked at the flight attendant during the exchange, I could see a thought bubble over her head with the words "Oh God, no! Not on my shift!"

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