Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to the Gym

I haven't belonged to a gym/health club/fitness center for something close to fifteen years. I always found them to be unwelcoming places with the stench of heterosexual meat market wafting in the air.  However, I was not able to push through my plateau with dumbbells at home, so I began missing those machines.  Plus there is a gym in my building at work...can't get more convenient than that!

I joined a gym about a month or two ago, and I have been really into it! Weirdest of all is that I have suddenly discovered the wonderful world of treadmills. I used to loathe treadmills and all their brethren (stairmasters, ellipticals, cycle machines, etc.) because I'm so used to biking outside that I could never deal with just being stationary while putting out all that energy. But for whatever reason I now enjoy my treadmill time!

If I can get off work early enough, I go down and do the treadmill while watching Judge Judy (I looove Judge Judy!). In the AM, I listen to all my old techno from the 90's: Superstar DJ Keoki, Juno Reactor, Crystal Method, Uberzone...and just go into a zone. It's almost like meditating in a way, because I clear my mind and just do it.

I'm up to about two or three times a week. 40 minutes a pop on the treadmill. And I alternate between two moderate lifting routines. I burn about 550 calories a shot on the treadmill, and I can already feel my body responding to the lifting. Now I just need to get to running on the treadmill. And maybe get a trainer for a week or two to set up a really nice lifting routine for myself. 

Who knows? By this time next year, I might even look like Mr. Yummy in this picture here. No? Well, a boy can dream right?

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