Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Civil Union is Moving Forward

Yikes, I haven't posted in a while! Update: Jim and I have been putting together plans for our civil union ceremony and party. Even with the scaled back approach we're taking there's a lot of planning to do. No wonder the straights plan this stuff out a year in advance.

We finally settled on a date and that we would have a party in the backyard with a brief ceremony to kick things off. Jim and I had some real debates about all this, and I even coined the term Groom Kong to describe us (though it turns out the term is already in Urban Dictionary so I'm not nearly as clever as I thought).

I'm hoping we can make the ceremony really fun, with the 'wedding party' dancing down the aisle or something like that. Then we do the ceremony itself, hopefully with a judge there. And I'm trying to find a poem of some kind to read...preferably one of my own that speaks to our relationship in some way.

We've got the tent and chair rentals taken care of and a caterer to do a pig roast for us. So it should be a great time. The only worry we have is all the rain we've been getting. This crap better clear up before our party!

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