Monday, June 27, 2011

27 Miles and Unseen Frogs/Toads

With this 27 mile ride this past weekend, we're up to 81 miles for the season. I wanted to go 30 miles, but luckily Jim vetoed that. By the time we got back to the car, I was starving. It's no fun at all to finish a ride with your stomach growling.  I'll have to start bringing granola bars or something.

Anyway, no animal stories to share this time, although we heard a lot of things along the path. There's a lot of marshes as you go north from Wheaton and, at one point, we heard loads of frogs or toads or something croaking in the reeds. It sounded like a little engines running off-kilter or something.

It reminded me of last year when I road along the path and saw a big, fat bullfrog about the size of a large grapefruit just sitting on the side of the path sunning himself. Frogs or toads appear every so often on the path, but they are shy and quickly hop away. There was one that had really long legs and was bright green. A high leaper, he was gone almost as quickly as I saw him. Still, his coloring was the purest, brightest green you can imagine.

Not sure there'll be a chance for riding this weekend, as we are facing the Fourth of July. Usually there are too many families wandering the path for it to be any fun at all. They just hog the path and when you call out the friendly warning "passing on your left!", they ignore you or step to the left (???) or get all offended.

I prefer the toads.

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