Friday, July 1, 2011

New Experience: Canoeing

Photo: Wiley & Wales
At a team outing yesterday, I was able to get my first ever experience with canoeing. Of course, it was nowhere near as idyllic as this picture would suggest. We had two rowers in my canoe, and we kept going in circles! We got some instruction from another team member about which side to paddle on and how to steer, and that helped a lot. However, we always ended up eventually going in circles again. Very frustrating.

Still we had a good time, and I'm happy I tried it. At the times when I felt I was steering correctly (I was in the back of the canoe), it felt really cool. I could really feel I was working the water correctly, and I was able to build up excellent speed when I was doing it right. But then I would think about it too much and mess myself up.  In any case, it was a workout for sure because nothing requires more energy than being inept.

The canoes were about $10/hour if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I'll go out alone next time to improve my skills. At the least, I've added another activity to the list of athletic stuff I've done!

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