Saturday, May 5, 2012

St. John 2012 (Days 1 and 2)

Back to St. John!

Without intending to, we have ended up going here every other year.  This trip is our third visit, and I think warm weather arrived earlier this year - just as it did up North - because the plants were much more in bloom than on previous trips. The front yard of the villa (Andante by the Sea) is a sort of walled garden with loads of flowering plants (like this one). This time they seemed in full bloom, which was a colorful way to be welcomed back to Andante.

I had never liked the idea of going back to an island, because I felt like there were so many other places to go that 'repeating' was unwarranted. Jim was the one who stuck to the idea, and it has paid off. The key is there is so much to do and see on St. John that we can go back again and again. We revisit old faves and then try new stuff too. Plus, since we are familiar with the island, Cruz Bay, and the villa there's none of that 'first day awkwards' I usually have on vacations to new places. We just dive right in!

Of course, on St. John 'diving in' means kicking back by the pool at the villa and being all by ourselves. After arrival on Saturday and then all day Sunday, we did nothing but tan, swim, play cards, look for iguanas around the villa, sit on the deck, and stargaze. Perfect!

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