Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kayaking at Rainbow Springs, Florida

As a follow-up to my disastrous first experience kayaking, I felt it would be best to try again in a kayak by myself as the ability to coordinate rowing with others was obviously beyond me.  I was down in Florida to see my parents, and my mom and I went kayaking at Rainbow Springs. Each in our own kayak.

The spring water that feeds the river was crystal clear and the light current left most of the river smooth as glass. As a result, I could see down to the bottom. Plus we were early enough so that the sun wasn't too hot and there weren't a whole ton of people on the river. We saw plenty of fish, foul, loads of sea turtles right at the surface near the kayaks, and even a few otters trolling along the banks of the river.

This time, I did much better. I'm certainly no expert kayaker, but I was able to control my craft and get a good head of speed going when I wanted to.  I definitely had some nice achiness in my shoulders later that evening, so it was a good workout as well. 

With a bit more practice, this is something I could really get into!

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