Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hot Tub In The Snow

There I am at the right (with a friend holding his cup strategically in front of my equipment) enjoying my first hot tub experience in the cold. To get to this little oasis of warmth, we had to go outside and strip down in the cold snowy outdoors.

I love a hot tub, but it's extra awesome to be in one when you are surrounded by freezing cold and ice. In fact, we kept our drinks cold by placing them on a ledge off to the right of this picture. The ledge was covered with a four inch layer of snow, and we just reached over and scrunched our drinks into the icy snow to keep them cold.

We were out there chatting and watching random bits of frost come floating down. I put my arm outside the tub and watched it steam like it was on fire. After being pruned to perfection, there was the daunting prospect of jumping out into the cold freezing air and getting dressed before darting back into the house to dry off.

In a way, I kind of liked that we had to do that. It reemphasized the warmth we had just been enjoying. Back inside was the poker game we'd come for and plenty of cookies. It doesn't get any better than that!

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