Saturday, October 23, 2010

At Last! My Blue Stripe!

Fate has not been with me in getting to rank tests lately. Business trips, sinus infections, vacations, something was always taking priority. This time I was just starting a new bunch of drugs to finally kill this sinus infection, and they were keeping me from sleeping. However, I refused to miss this test!

I got through it and, while I won't receive my strip until next week, the fact is that you are not asked to test until the Master thinks you are ready to move up. So unless you are a complete screw-up, by the time you are asked to test you have little chance of not passing. So I am now a green belt with a blue stripe!

I've already started work on Form #2, which is one of the things you do to move to a full-on blue belt. So if I can really stay committed, limit my time at work, and keep a balance in life, I should be able to go to class regularly once again. The next rank test is December 17th. Perhaps I should set a personal goal of going to class often enough so that I can try to be ready to test for my blue belt?

On a side note, I wasn't as nervous at this test as I have been at prior tests. Not sure if that's a function of being messed up on antibiotics, a steroid, and Mucinex-D or - more hopefully - maybe I'm not getting so worked up about these tests anymore. I hope it's the latter. Anyway, I'm so proud I've come this far, and I'm really enjoying it!

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