Sunday, October 24, 2010

A New Novel?

I hesitate to post this, because I find that announcing new creative ventures tends to destroy all the internal tension needed to keep them growing. However, I feel pretty good about this. Just feel like something's a-brewin' inside of me. Perhaps it's the fall weather which I posted about endlessly last year as being a potent creative spark.

I've begun work on what I think will be a new novel! It's a horror novel, a genre I've never attempted even in short story form. I don't have any kind of leitmotif (i.e., 'ax to grind') with this one the way I did with my first novel (the hideously and, mercifully, unfinished 'Skyscraper') or my second novel (a military sci-fi/space opera called 'Chrysalis of Fire' that I have up for sale on Kindle).  This time, I'm approaching it in a much more straightforward plot-driven kind of way. I'm going for something classic, a creepy, atmospheric tale of terror filled with dark dread, something to read late at night in the dark.

I've only written 10 pages, so it's still way too early to know whether the dough is going to rise or if it'll just collapse into a sticky mess. But I have a rough outline for the plot and an idea of the backstory behind the evil that will erupt upon a small Midwestern town. Most importantly, I've enjoyed re-engaging in the creative process itself, which is something I've missed for some time now.

We'll see where it goes. Perhaps, as was the case when I posted about starting again with martial arts, posting this will make me feel an obligation to follow through and make it happen.  If I get further into it, I'll post a little something about the potential plot and share the working title.

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