Saturday, December 4, 2010


Gretchen's boyfriend is in a band called Toothpaste that performed at a cable access show called Chic-A-go-go. Obviously the name of the show is play on the city's name, and the show bills itself as a 'dance show for kids of all ages'. With over 700 shows, Chic-A-go-go has been go-go-going for a long time (sorry, couldn't resist that little bit of wordplay). It's sort of like a psychedelic collision of Soul Train and Captain Kangaroo. Off-beat bands perform, there's a knock-knock joke telling rat puppet, and many of the people who attend as audience members dress up real crazy.

I met up with my friends Gretchen and John at the Chic-A-go-go studio this evening, and we danced through a series of tapings. Bonus was that there was a phone-in guest 'appearance' by Fred Schneider of the B-52s! The show - and our dancing - will be airing on cable TV sometime soon, though I'm not sure I'm ready for the world to see that. Assuming I can live with it, I'll post it on here. In the meantime, here's a picture of us (along with a friend of Gretchen's on the far right and Gretchen's metalhead puppet) standing on the Chic-A-go-go set.

After the taping, Gretchen, John, and I went for pizza and then a drink in Greektown. Wonderful night with great friends and lots of catching up!

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