Monday, December 27, 2010

Sushi on the Menu

For the better part of twenty years, I have kept a mental list of foods I want to like but don't. I want to like them because they are easy to make or acquire in a fully prepared manner and because they are very healthy. In each case, though, I simply cannot make myself eat them because I dislike the taste or texture. Every couple years I make myself try these foods again in hopes that I will 'acquire the taste'.

This approach has worked for me before with yogurt. I used to hate the feel of yogurt in my mouth, even though I knew it would be awesome to have this as a snack food. One year I tried it and BAM; I liked it! And I've been eating it ever since. I think these are the key items on the list at present:
1) Oatmeal - Even warm and with cinnamon, it tastes like cold mucus to me. But it smells really good, and I'd love to wake up to that each morning.
2) Spinach - Bitter as an nasty old woman. But it's one of those dark green leafy veggies that is supposed to be so great for you. I've been able to eat it in pizza and as a side at Ethiopian restaurants. That's a start.
3) Sushi - It can taste good, but the texture in my mouth is just gross. I want to like it because it's seafood (good for you), and because I have this impression that it would be filling without making me feel bloated. Plus it's just kind of cool looking in the display, and I like those funky rotating bars.

The point of this post is that my efforts have paid off once again. Sushi is officially off the list and on my menu! I went to lunch with my good friend Cindy over this holiday, and she adores sushi.  I had a chance to try a bunch of stuff in a risk free environment. I loved it all! Some of it like the dragon roll (example pictured) did have cooked components, so I may be in the shallows of the sushi world as yet. In any case, I am psyched for my next sushi adventure. I know I can start with what I like and then pick a few weird items and, if I don't like them, oh well, I've still had a good, filling meal. Jim will never join me in this, so I'll have to latch onto Cindy for more lunch outings. LOL!

Happy happy happy!

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