Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Enforcer

My martial arts marathon hits a major piece of roadkill. This movie is a steaming pile of cow crap!

First of all, you have no choice but to watch it dubbed. Dubbing is always nasty, but the voices here remind me of something I'd hear on a Saturday morning cartoon. But that unforgivable sin pales when - after sitting halfway through this - I had seen no martial arts to speak of. Instead, there's scene after scene of some spunky little kid with his sick mommy and a woman police inspector whose point is...? The villain is a cartoonish douchebag who's not interesting enough to wait around for Jet Li to take out, and Li's undercover cop has 'fuzz' written so plainly across him that you just roll your eyes out of your head at the plot/script. I shut this piece of garbage off half-way through. Nothing was happening, and I was about to toss my lunch over the mom's deathbed scene (who cares?), the goofy lesbian gangster, and the bad dubbing. Avoid at all costs.

Worst of all is this is a Dragon Dynasty release! I have been head over heels in love with every Dragon Dynasty release I have purchased up to this point, but there was zero effort put into this and no legitimate reason why they would add such a poor entry to their line of martial arts films - especially in this condition. Obviously, I can't trust the Dragon Dynasty logo anymore. That's a big shame.

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