Friday, April 23, 2010

St. John (Day 5 - Part 2)

After the effort expended in snorkeling, it was definitely time for a hammock siesta! This, by the way, is an approximate view from the hammock siesta. With the sound of the waves and a nice breeze blowing over you (the hammock is also on the lower deck so it's not in direct sun), it's very easy to get a refreshing nap.

At the end of my siesta, I was just staring out over the sea when - what should I see not three feet away? An iguana walking along the deck. He saw me at the same time I saw him and he froze, his beady black eye blinking once in a while and his head tilting as he regarded me carefully.  He was about 2 feet long, including the tail, and he had the full-on back spines, death claw, and everything.  After a few minutes he scooted along and then leapt off the deck into the brush.  I stood to see where he was and he was on top of some plants a good distance away, staring up at me with a reproachful look on his face. Then he slunk off into the undergrowth. Sweet!

Speaking of lizards, we finally started to see more of the anoles and small lizards, which was a relief. They're no more than and inch or two long, they run away the second you seen them (probably often before you even notice they are around), and apparently they eat bugs on a grand scale.  That's why, when I went to Cozumel back in college, a native told me it's bad luck to kill one.  They're so cute, I can't imagine anyone doing that.  This picture is of a little guy who seemed to have claimed a particular pot and group of rocks about two feet square as his dominion.  He was always seated there like a king surveying his realm. I named him Rocky.

I've mentioned the pool a lot, and here's a picture of me enjoying some time in there. It was actually very private so I had to crop this pic to make it G-rated.  It was about four or five strokes to get from one end to the other and was always just cool enough to be really refreshing.  We spent hours in the pool, especially as, the breeze started to flag off a bit by this time. That meant things got a little stuffy at times, but not too bad all things considered.  I know it will be a big benefit tomorrow, because we plan to hike through the forest.  We'll need to cool off!

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