Sunday, April 18, 2010

St. John (Day 1)

Flight time to St. Thomas is only about four hours (direct), so it's not bad at all. It was even nicer because we upgraded to first class which is always a good idea, because the trek to St. John isn't anywhere near over when you arrive at the airport.

Once we land on St. Thomas, we have to catch a cab with about eight other people for a winding ride across the island to Red Hook, where the ferries come in. From there, we ride the ferry over to Cruz Bay, which is one of the only two collections of buildings on St. John that can be called a town. From there, we grab our rental jeep (4-wheel drive, baby!). And head off to the villa. After checking in, we have to head right back out to stock up on food. All told, from when we woke in the morning to when we brought the groceries to the villa) it was about 10 hours. We got back, had dinner, looked out at the stars, and then went to bed.

The pic here was snapped on the ferry by a pair of lesbians we met (like all the pics I'll post, this one can be clicked on to see a larger version). It's becoming more clear to me that Jim and I can't go anywhere in this world without bumping into lesbians. And very nice lesbians who often seem to see us as quite a novelty. Like: "Wow, some boys!" I'm not too surprised by this reaction since we only seem to meet women when we travel and never any gay men. Anyway, Barbara and Deb chatted with us all the way over to Cruz Bay. Like they say: "We're everywhere!"

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