Friday, July 2, 2010

Bliss - Quiet Letters

This is an older CD (came out in 2005), but it is the first time that I have purchased a Bliss CD. I first heard them on the Real Ibiza 3 compilation (Chilling You Softly), and I've thought about purchasing an album ever since.

Their most recent CD (No One Built This Moment) didn't impress me from the clips. I liked the music, but the vocalists were so idiosyncratic that it detracted from the music. Luckily I found Quiet Letters at a good price at the Theosophical Society bookstore (of all places) after hearing some samples. 

This album is fantastic! Very understated, dreamy music, using a wide variety of instruments, yet maintaining a very consistent sound throughout. Another thing I like about it is the diversity of the members of the band. They come from disparate backgrounds: Denmark, Sweden, and Guinea-Bissau. This creates some interesting juxtapositions musically. One song has classical guitar, male vocals in an African language, female vocals in English, and synth touches.

I tend to skip over the first song on the CD but, after that, it's an enthralling sonic experience and I almost always listen to the album to the end once I start. Beautiful!

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