Friday, July 2, 2010

Samantha James - Subconscious

I've been looking forward to new music from Om label artist Samantha James for a long time, and her new album is great! Her first album (Rise) came out in 2007, and I immediately fell in love with her sound. She's what I call 'deep house', music that has the bounce of house music but employs more musicianship than the usually generic club trax that are typically dubbed as 'house'. It's a genre with lots of artists on my ipod.

This album has the same lush, relaxed feel of her first effort, but there's a slightly more subdued tone to the music. This makes it a little less immediate than the first album, but it quickly grows on you.  I really like how, even though she's working a similar musical style, that nothing on Subconscious sounds like a retread of Rise. It's like getting more of the same, but with a twist that makes it fresh.  James has a lovely voice that fits wonderfully with the warm soundscapes created for her songs. It's the perfect music for driving with the roof and windows open on a sunny day or - on lower volume - to drink wine to while watching the sun set. The whole set is infused with a positive vibe that is really uplifting without being 'too much'.

A lot of great music has come out of the Om label, so I have the site stored online and check it out often to see what's new.  Here's the link:

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