Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicago - Pete Retreat Style

As I was planning my New York trip, I thought more and more that I'd prefer to go there with Jim so I'd have someone to experience it with. So I've decided to use some of my use it or lose it vacation time to take a 'vacation' to Chicago.

I'm booked at a nice boutique hotel just off north Michigan Avenue, with easy access to all sorts of stuff (and I got a great price). So with the money I'm saving on the room and air fare, I figure I have a few bucks to blow on the Mag Mile.  Think it's time to do some early Christmas shopping. I'm also planning to check out if I can jump into a meditation class or something like that at the Japanese cultural center. Plus there's the revamped armor exhibit at the Art Institute, I'll be a few blocks from the Museum of Contemporary Art, and maybe I can book a spa day and get pampered with a hot rock massage.

Of course this is a vacation, so I will need to keep in mind that I'm entitled to kick back a bit too. Maybe I'll find a local coffeehouse, park myself by a window, and and write to jump start my potential new novel.  Not to mention I can hang out with friends. Three nights, four days on my own.  It's actually an urban Pete Retreat!

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