Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hits From Around The World

According to the stats page on my blog, which I've just now discovered, Zen Throw Down has received almost 2,500 hits so far. While that figure isn't going to get anyone to pay me for ad space, I'm very pleased I've been read by that many people. Clearly people other than my friends are dropping by, and I've checked to see if me visiting a page is counted as a hit (it's not). Here's my top 6 posts in terms of number of visits.

1. Concrete Poetry (5/6/10) - 95 visits
2. Delayed Halloween Post (11/2/10) - 23 visits
3. Droid X (8/8/10) - 21 visits
4. Bliss, Quiet Letters (7/2/10) - 16 visits
5. Emilie Autumn's Victorian Asylum (7/26/10) - 15 visits
6. Beset By Owls! (11/21/10) - 15 visits

Some of the hits are from surfers drawn via searches (for images or music). However, not all of them are, and I've had hits from Canada, Brazil, the UK, Poland, India, France, Hungary, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and much more. I find this incredibly encouraging.

Hey all of you! If you stop by, drop me a note and say "hi!". I'm curious about the people I'm making a momentary connection with and what they read on here.

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