Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Delayed Halloween Post

Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to efficiently download pics from my Droid-X. I can't find a way to make it link up with my wireless home network. So, I have to approach this in a very 20th Century manner and email my pics that I take with the phone to myself. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to break down and get a cord of some sort. Poor cell-challenged me! Anyway, here I am at my desk revelling in the results of having slowly decorated it over the weeks leading up to Halloween. Click pics for larger views. And please note that the pretty balloons in the background are not part of my decorations. They're for a co-worker's baby shower.

Anyway, I'm sitting there taking a break from our decorating efforts.  Our team decided to do a group costume and decoration theme around the BP oil spill. In this pic, you can see some of the people on my team standing before the oil platform we built. You can't quite get the full effect from this because our boss brought in a fog machine and fake flame gadget to make the platform look like it was really on fire. Meanwhile, another team member bought stuffed animals from good will, smeared them with black paint, and we created an animal rescue station complete with a vat full of dishwashing soap. For costumes, we all wore black trash bags, masks over our mouths and noses, and blue plastic gloves. Plus we had black tarps on the floor and loads of nasty anti-BP propaganda plastered around the office (courtesy of Greenpeace).

This one to the right is my personal favorite. Man, those people at Greenpeace sure get nasty if you piss them off!

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