Saturday, November 6, 2010

Potential Travels?

Given that I have to use or lose some vacation time before the end of the year, I was planning on taking a bunch of Fridays off and then to be off from December 17th until the new year. Then I thought: why not try to take a few days during the week and go to a city and have some fun? I've thought about maybe going to New York City (or, as I'm typing, I thought about my earlier post about being a Chicago maybe I could go to Chicago?).

Jim and I are also thinking about the next destination style trip, and the leading contender is a return trip to Hawaii. This time we'd go to Kauai. Sounds like there's tons of hiking and that you can also do horseback riding and kayaking to see the inside of the island. Maybe we could also do some more deep sea fishing (and maybe have better luck than we did in Panama City Beach). Plus beach and snorkeling.

We'll see what happens.

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