Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recovery Going Surprisingly Well

Lots of sleeping, but I have to say my recovery is going very well. The anesthesiologist said that docs have moved away from Demerol for out-patient procedures. That means no (or very little) post-op nausea; I've had none. While I'm not hungry, I've had no trouble eating a little something (though that toast disagreed with my throat post-breathing tube). I think I was also lucky in that I did not end up needing a stint as part of the corrective surgery on my septum, and I've needed minimal packing inside my nose.

I wear gauze taped under my nose to soak up all the post-op drip (how's that for delicately wording it), I have a saline spray that I use in my nostrils to keep the 'flow' from drying up and clogging, and I had to sleep last night propped up. But otherwise, I can't say I'm all that inconvenienced or uncomfortable. I slept well all night. Guess I'd have to say that the worst part is dry throat from the breathing tube. My only real pain was during the first few hours after the surgery, and I'm not taking any pain killers. Just antibiotics.

Mentally, I'm perfectly coherent though pretty fragile. Just kind of quiet and meek and emotional (clearly not myself, in other words). I can't focus on anything that requires deep thought without being tired out, and after 24 hours in bed and being wheeled around I'm unsteady on my feet. There will be some post-op doc visits, and I can feel a little clogging in my airways as things heal (all as expected).

Net-net, I'm happy I did this! I think it's going to do wonders for my overall quality of life.

Mmmmm! I'm getting my appetite back!

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