Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who Am I?

It would be hard to imagine any movie being sillier than Who Am I?. Of course, I haven't seen any other Jackie Chan films and my impression is that silly is his forte. Who knows? This might be depressing arthouse for Chan.

Who Am I? doesn't have a single serious frame in its 108 minute length. The plot is inane, the characters ridiculous. It's directed, shot, written, and acted without a shred of style. This movie is sheer cotton candy, and it gleefully embraces its foolishness and slapstick sensibilities. While I think a little Jackie Chan will go a long way for me, I must admit I found this goofy movie fun. Maybe you will too, if you shut off your brain.

There was a low level of martial arts content for my tastes, but the fight between Chan and two adversaries on the roof of a building was inventive, skillful, and comical. Bottom line, yes, I did enjoy this flick. Would I recommend it to anyone? Well.......

Note: This version of the film at 108 minutes is apparently another victim of the hatchet. Reviews I've read on amazon suggest the studios chopped a lot out of this movie for the US release. So beware.

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