Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Post-Surgery Visit

Yeeeeeeesh! This surgery and recovery does have its little moments. I've been doing pretty well for the last two days, though I still get kind of sleepy from the anesthesia still. 

Today as my first visit with the doctor after the surgery. I thought it was going to be a sinus flush to clean out my cavity. Nope! They deadened my nose up, and then he went up there with this thin metal tool to pull off scabs from the surgery. Urgggh!

It's not that it hurt (well not much), but it was creeping me out! He's sticking this thin metal thing way up my nose and then it feels like he's pushing a needle into the tissue up there. At one point, he pulled out this long, absolutely hideous piece of gelatinous sludge out of my nostril. So gross!

I'm good to fly in about a week. Still need to hold off on weights and martial arts, and I may have a little bit more bleeding. But, hey, life is good because I can blow my nose now. That's sure to be entertaining.  And the doctor assured me that once my swelling is down (a few more weeks on that) that I will definitely have an easier time breathing.

Next post-surgery visit is in two weeks.

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