Thursday, July 5, 2012

198 Miles and Rising

Jim and I have stubbornly continued biking, despite the 90+ - and even 100+ - temperatures. We're slowly getting ourselves up the ladder of mileage. Over the past several weeks, we have logged a total of 114 miles. This brings us to 198. Not too shabby for this time of year, but we'll have to keep at it to log a good solid season.

We even biked one day where it ended up getting towards 100, but we usually get out early enough so we can avoid the extreme heat. The problem is that when it doesn't cool down much at night, the morning heat can still be really nasty. On the Fourth of July we only rode 17 miles, but we were exhausted by the end and had run through all of our water. On the way back, we saw a couple of paramedics on the path coming to help a jogger who seemed to have collapsed from heat stroke. Yikes!

On a more positive note, during a ride in Blackwell we saw a baby deer just off the side of the path. We pulled up to take a look, and the baby deer stood still for a while just watching us. I almost got the feeling this little baby had not seen people before the way it just watched us.  Then he started gamboling towards us as if he trusted us! That came to a quick end when Jim saw the mother come out of the brush. She was HUGE! She just watched us and, somehow, it seemed as though she signaled to her baby, because he did a gazelle-like leap away from us to return to her side.

We watched them walk off but, at one point, the mother was coming towards us. I suddenly thought: "Um, that deer could probably kick the crap out of me if it charged and pounded me with it's front legs." But she veered off and they vanished back into the brush.

I'm pretty proud of our perseverance in the face of this inhospitable weather. Makes me want to flex my arms, gnash my teeth, and go "ROOWWWWR!"

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