Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Hijinx

Me and a co-worker (Lauren) nailed our boss (Hendrik) today for April Fools Day. We called him up at home and I pretended that the head of the office (Heath) had pulled me into his office demanding to know what Hendrik has been sending to a prospect worth $2.5 million because they called him complaining that they weren't going to give us the business because of him. Hendrik was a bit stunned, but I went on saying that Heath was really pissed off and that he was going to talk to Lauren in a few minutes.

By now Hendrik was very worried and we had him going for about five minutes. Finally he asks: "Okay, tell me exactly what Heath said." I go: "Well, he asked me whether I think April Fools jokes are good for morale in the office and then..." and I let it trail off figuring Hendrik would realize he'd been had. But he didn't! Lauren and I were laughing so hard by now that it was hard to keep it together.  After another minute, it started to sink in and we just cracked up.

Hendrik vowed revenge, and this was the result. My car and about a million post it notes. I also got another co-worker too, so this was a memorable April Fools!

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