Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cayman Islands: Post 2 (Stingray City)

Aside from our snorkeling adventures (more on those in another post), Jim and I went to Stingray City. Of course, we went at a time when all the cruise ship passengers couldn't go because they had to be back on their ships. That meant a lot less people!  They take you way out to the barrier reef, where there is a sandbar that you can stand on and be about waist deep in water. They provide some bait squid that you can hold in your hand, and the rays come over your hand and suck the food up like vacuum cleaners!

They are so smooth and soft, and they act like aquatic versions of cats. Consider: they only come to you if they think you have food for them and then they bump and rub against you. The only thing missing was a purr. They also have yellowish eyes like some cats, although ray eyes are alien-looking. In fact, rays (and octopus) are like earth aliens to me...creatures that live on our planet but are so different looking that they could pass for aliens. We held them, fed them, petted them, and even kissed them. Here are a few pics of our Stingray City visit; we're actually holding the rays in our arms...fantastic!

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