Friday, April 15, 2011

Grand Cayman

We've come back from Grand Cayman but, since I didn't bother with journal entries, I will need to sort out my thoughts before posting any details. The Cayman Islands are a British Territory, but the feel of the islands is 100% Caribbean. We spent a week on Grand Cayman, a bit north of the popular 7 Mile Beach area. We prefer to be away from the crowds, especially for a trip like this where we were all about kicking back and relaxing.

Even with that in mind we hit the island at a perfect time. We often had the beach entirely to ourselves! Sometimes, the ocean outside the condo was left to us as well. The back door of our condo unit opened right onto the beach, and there was great snorkeling right off the beach.  There was a 'reef' of sorts, but we're debating whether its a reef that has died or a reef that was struck down by a hurricane or something and is making a comeback. Either way, the snorkeling was very good. The concentration of critters doesn't match other places we've snorkeled (St. John, Hawaii), but the variety of what we saw was impressive.

So the weather was fantastic, we were well away from the cruise ship grounds, we had easy access to great snorkeling, and it seemed as though we'd hit a true 'lull' in the level of visitors. The last day we were there saw an influx of check-ins. Still wasn't anywhere near crowded, but we're glad we had so much time to 'own' the beach and ocean.

More posts to come.

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