Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kung-Fu Master

I read some reviews on Amazon that suggest this movie is actually a TV show or mini-series that has been spliced together for release into a 95 minute movie, and that makes a lot of sense after watching this. Kung-Fu Master is no piece of art, as a movie or as a genre entry. Dou Xiao's direction is incredibly poor, and the martial arts are a curious mix of actual skill, badly done (and silly) wire-fu, and cut aways evincing incredibly bad editing. While a plot can be thin in this genre, it should be at least serviceable. This movie has no discernible plot, and the end makes zero sense.

What's good about it? Well, Kung-Fu Master has some excellent distance shots of some of the fights that incorporate several combatants at once. Most of these sequences involve fights with javelins or sticks. There's also (I think?) some good effort displayed by star Yuen Biao, but the wire-fu and endless cuts always make you question whether it's real or completely choreographed.

It almost seems as though the movie is trying to be a modern day version of one of those cheesy chop-socky movies from the 70s, but I can't quite believe the people behind Kung-Fu Master had that much vision. I got the movie dirt cheap at a close-out sale for a Blockbuster Video store. And that's about all I can recommend you expend for it. Poor.

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