Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting The Gloves On

Today in Hapkido, I got to put the gloves on and go to it with my punches! There are a series of six punches and, with the gloves on, and I had to throw the punches at the senior belt's hands (which are encased in thick pads). Plus you have to keep your hands in position around your face as a guard when the arm is not throwing a punch.

The catch is that the senior belt calls out numbers from one to six. If he calls 'one', then you throw the first punch in the series. If he calls 'two', you throw the first and second punch in quick succession. And so on. You never know what number is going to get called, and sometimes they fake you out. Like they will call 'one' a bunch of times in a row, and you just send out the quick jab that is punch one over and over. Then all of a sudden they say 'five' or 'six' and you have to immediately go from that repetitive motion into the full set. It can really throw you!

On top of that, they move in a slow circle. So you have to adjust your stance so that you can still punch the target. Then they throw in another curve ball. They'll start moving their hands to different positions with each punch so you aren't sure where you are going to have to throw those punches. I imagine this is to simulate a real fight situation where what you are going to hit might not always be in the same set place.

Overall, I made plenty of mistakes but, for the most part, I did much better than I thought I would for my first go at this! The sound of my punches on the pad was this loud BAM, and that was hot! I REALLY enjoyed it, and it's amazing how it only takes ten or fifteen minutes of this to get the sweat pouring. It is hard work!

LOVE IT!!!!!

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