Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thwarted By The Heat

For the first time in a really long time, I pulled out some drawing supplies and went outside to sit and do some sketches. I always get the urge in the Spring, because Jim is always working in the garden planting new flowers guiding me around to show me he's moved stuff, and pointing out where new stuff is flowering.  There are so many colors, and I learned long ago that color is the main thing I respond to as a visual artist or art appreciator.

So out I went with my pad, my pastel crayons (wonderfully messy - I'm as fascinated by the mixture of colors that wind up smeared on my hands as a gypsy with a cup of tea leaves), and support materials (q-tips, charcoal, etc). I picked a spot, sat, and began laying out some flowers with contour drawing and then started adding the color in.

My contour drawings are the best ones I do, because whenever people make a loud comment about a drawing I've done it has always been the ones I do this way - working from real objects or people. However, the frustrating thing for me is that these drawings always look sloppy and half-baked to me. As a result, there is a very long time between starting a picture and working with it, when I am looking at it and thinking it's a total piece of crap. This is probably why I never pursued art; I just don't have the ability to see what I'm doing objectively.

Anyway, I was only able to work on it for a half and hour or so before the 90-degree heat and high humidity got to me. (I had wisely chosen to start this little project right around 1 or 2PM when the heat of the day is at its worst).  So I went back inside. Another reason I am not an artist; I lack that all consuming passion. The partially started picture is here in my study, really all ready for me to work again. I hope I do, but that day my attention strayed and I felt the urge to read some more.

On the plus side, I did go out and draw for the first time in years! I have forgotten how much I enjoy it; it's such an escape. I can shut out the whole world and enter a place - my drawing - that is all mine and consumes all my attention and thoughts.  At least for a little while!

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